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Since 2019

Wikiadvice is dedicated to deliver you with the information that's beneficial for you. We work for you to analyze the current affairs of the world and explore new stuff on technology, etc and stay motivated by our daliy motivational quotes. We hope that you find Wikiadvice effective, friendly and predict that you will surely return when you need us again.

about wikiadvice

This Is Our Story

Wikiadvice was developed in 2019 by Junaid Khan, Usama Shaikh & Maruti More has come a long way from its beginnings in a [Government Polytechnic Mumbai], ie: Our college. Some say never mix business with friends, but we believe things proved well. It’s fun. It’s challenging. It’s rewarding. If you’re ready to execute some of the best work of your career. Yeah, this is all that the creators behind wikiadvice gave origin to when they started the blog. The success story of wikiadvice shows the unbeatable will-power of the young developers put together to make their impression as well-known entrepreneurs in India.

Our Vision.

To be the benchmark in digital marketing across India and to practices our business principles and the quality of our services

Our Mission.

To develop endless readers relationships by providing information related to current affairs, motivational quotes, how-to etc in an environment of trust and respect

Our Core Values.

Whether it be faith in family, faith in self, or Faith in God, faith is a healthy emotion or morality system that can be aimed for the progress of family, self, friends and community.
Be honest.
We communicate sincerely and honestly with our colleagues and viewers - believing that this leads to beneficial relationships and so work we can be impressive of it.
Be of service.
We provide more information than is expected of us - to our colleagues and viewers, to people that require help, and toward the development of our profession.