How To Score Good Marks?

Every student needs to know shortcuts to study effectively and score well in the exams. The tips and tricks mentioned here need not require students to go beyond their scope of hard work as these are the basic strategies followed by successful students.

1. Time Management – Daily Routine:

Time is killer, A though came in my mind that, “if you didn’t care for time, time will never give you a chance to care for the thing you needed”. That’s simple time is one of the most dangerous thing, you should take care of. Make a chart for your daily routine and give maximum time to your study. Suppose you spend 6 hours in your bed and rest 18 hours must be used for your exam preparation.

2. Having Good Food and Drinking More Water Will Help:

Healthy Food, water, and juice are high of energy and protein which helps your brain to work fast and also helps in remembering what you studied. 70% of your brain is filled with water, so that you must know the importance of water. Regularly drink water and drink more then 2 letter per day. Well food will help you to focus on your study and this will also make you physically strong. Which is really important according to the exams. Once you are suffering from fever it will less your 20 to 30 marks in each subjects and you have to face a big loss. 20 or 30 marks are really hard to get and these marks will decrease your percentages by 4 to 6.

3. Doing Meditation For 30 Min Per Will Increase Memory Power by 20%:

Make a hobby of doing meditation. First 2 weeks you will feel it useless but once you will realize the benefits of meditation. You will become habitual of it. We got some query from our students, one of them was – Sir, I can’t focus on study, when I sit in the desk then after few minutes i realize my mind diverts to another things. Every time I try to focus on study I get disturbed with useless thoughts, So please help us. For those students, we have only one solution and that is do meditation and you will be focused on your study. Regularly do meditation for 30 minutes at a peaceful place and see the result.

4. Take A Nap & Sleep Well:

Relaxation ! Doing rest give us pleasure and one of the most enjoyable thing is sleeping while you are tired. Students study full day and worry about their exam. They should not worry about exam. Students should take a nap or break between long time study. Don’t study continuously for more than 2 hours Take 5 to 10 minutes break between your study, it will help you to remind what you learnt. Sleeping is the best experience for anyone, but our parents think that this is exam time so you should not sleep for more than 4 hours. I have heard people scolding their children for not sleeping before 11 pm and waking up at 3 am. This is not good for health and you have to pay for it if you are doing so. Take full 6 hours of sleep and this relaxation will help you to score good marks.

5. Challenge Yourself:

Challenge your self means, set target for doing things before time and doing better with the time. Suppose you got 30% in first term, then improve yourself and get 50% in second term. Then work hard and you will get 95% in final board exam. You will not succeed until you have not make an ambition to chase. Increase your performance day by day and this will only happen when you will regularly study and follow these steps.

6. Find Your Weakness:

This is important from the perspective of exams, that you should make a not of your weakness either it’s a subject or a chapter or a topic let’s suppose, you are weak in maths, obviously it will scare you and you will ignore as much as you con. But stop ignoring such a subjects because out of five there will be a subject or a chapter which is out of your mind or you are getting boring of it.

7. Plan Your Study – Make Important Notes And Select Topics:

Make your study plan and include every subjects don’t leave anyone. For a day give some hours to particular subjects, subjects which you finds are hard schedule on top in the early morning. Then scoring and one interesting subject keep side for day time while you get bored of study pick your interesting subject and your time will not waste just looking at book. Don’t forget to take a nap in between. Revision is important thing, learn today and revise tomorrow. This key will make you succeed and help you to score good in board exam. Don’t forget scoring subjects and easy subjects. Sometime students over confident about some subjects and at the end they find with sad faces for worst paper of that same subject.

8. Clear Your Concept Instead Of Rote Memorization (Mugging):

Sometime you must use tips and tricks to memorize, don’t ever rote memorize for few subjects like physics and maths. For physics and maths you must clear your concepts. But you can’t clear your concept of english, Hindi, commerce, history and like these subjects. To memorize you must know about some tricks like “ईंट पर नाच” and “LAL/KKA” These are really helpful. Some time you just have to clear your concept instead of rote memorization. So clear your core first then you will be able to clear your further concept specially in physics, maths and economics.

9. Scoring Subjects Are The Key – Mind It:

Never forget, English, and Hindi which are most common and scoring subjects according to the study. if you score more then 95 marks in both subject and 80 marks in your weak subjects then it will help you to make an average of 90%. When you are preparing for board exam and other exams, you should give some time for those subjects too, don’t spend your all the time to practicing for tough subjects. Your scoring subjects or those subjects which are easy according to you will help you to score good – keep in your mind always.

10. Stay Away of Social Media & Cell Phones:

One of the disturbing element is mobile phone and second one is that facebook or WhatsApp you are using on it. Its time to say good bye to Facebook, Instagram, whatsApp and another Messenger apps. Weather these are important too, if you are sharing notes and all these thing. So there is a better option that ask for the phone to your mom or dad or brother and do your work with. Because once your phone will come to your hand, time will kill you and you will see at the wall after two hours. So avoid these things.

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