Russia to launch the first satellite

Russia is to launch first Arktika-M satellite by December 2020 from Baikonur space. The satellite is to be utilized to rectify the Arctic climate and the environment. The satellite will be launched by Soyuz -2,1b carrier rocket with frigate booster. The remote sensing  Artika-M will monitor the meteorological situations in the polar region.


Russia is to launch a series of Arktika satellites. The second Arktika satellite is still under development and is to be launched by 2023. The data to be received by these satellites will enable in gathering meteorological data from the polar regions of the earth. The data collected by these satellites will help in boosting weather forecasts and will facilitate scientists to research on climate change.


The Satellites help in researching on climate changes in the polar region and also help in detecting resources in the polar region. The Arctic region resources have been at the centre of controversy and pose potential threats of conflicts between nations. Without the ice, the oceans will begin to absorb more radiation. The polar ice is depleting at a faster rate. The Depleting ice releases methane and contribute to climate change as a whole. The ice in the polar region reflects incoming solar radiation. This will cause heating up of water leading to ocean acidification. Also, the ocean will begin to absorb more heat increasing global warming.


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