World’s First Ayurvedic Only Telemedicine Service Launched

Ayurveda company, recently launched a novel telemedicine platform that combines formal Ayurvedic practices with modern technology, providing patients face-to-face interactions with Ayurvedic doctors. Over the website, patients can book an appointment with a doctor and collect a consultation. Attending this video conference, the doctor will specify Ayurvedic treatments and deliver nutritious advice.

About the Telemedicine Service

Ed Lateef, Founder and CEO of said, “COVID-19 has given rise to many surprising modifications to our lives, primarily in the healthcare sectors where patients are now wanted not to visit hospitals or doctors clinics unless it is a disastrous emergency. While social distancing and hand washing are some of the solutions to comprising the spread of the Virus, we felt that strengthening one’s immunity plays an extremely important role in protecting health. Our Telemedicine portal is favourable as patients can have access to Ayurvedic doctors at the relief of their homes while minimizing risk to both patient and doctor.”

Significance of Telemedicine Services

Ayurveda is the science of life and longevity and teaches us about the power of nature, its cycles, and its elements. “The holistic care and treatment are totally personalized for every individual. With highly qualified and skilled doctors, we are on a goal to give rise to the global community a healthy and happy place with Ayurveda. The online platform of is for everyone to makeover their lives.


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