International Dance Day 2020: 29 April

International Theatre Institute, partner for the performing skills of United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). It was created in 1982. The international dance day is observed on April 29 every year. International Dance Day was accomplishing the Covid-19 lockdown, do not step out, stay at home safely. Play songs and dance.

Importance of International Dance Day

This day is enjoyed to provide importance to this art. International Dance Day is wake-up-call for governments, politicians, and institutions, society to acknowledge its ability for economic progress. Every year the dancers and the dancing communities in the world celebrate this day. It is a significant day for the dancing communities to get the fame of the world towards the art form.

Goals of International Dance Day

To facilitate all dance forms throughout the world. To provoke people familiar with the value of all the dance forms. To bring interest to governments, leaders, and get help to facilitate the dance community to expand their artwork.


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