United Nations warns of "hunger crisis"

The United Nations recently has alerted of “hunger pandemic” due to COVID-19. Indifferent from COVID-19, the different circumstances that are to provide to the disaster involves wars in Syria, the crisis in Lebanon and desert locusts demolishing crops in East Africa.


The COVID-19 outbreak according to the organization is to starve more than 130 million people. Also, the poor will knock badly due to the reduction in exports, tourism and the downfall in oil prices. Also, there is an enormous reduction in foreign resource. The World Food Programme is currently in need of 1.9 billion USD in order to accumulate food in countries that are at risk of starving due to hunger. If not dealt with it, there are possibilities of serious starvations.

World Food Programme & UN Predictions

The UN clarifies that around 300,000 people are expected to lose their lives due to a shortage of food for a duration of three months. The WFP is the food assistance department of the United Nations. It is the largest humanitarian organization that deals with hunger and promotes food security. It works to stop hunger and malnutrition.


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