English Language Day: 23 April

English Language Day is a United Nations (UN) ritual that people celebrate on April 23 each year. It concurs with William Shakespeare birthday and World Book and Copyright Day. English Language Day aims to fascinate and educate people about the history, culture and achievements associated with the language. The day frequently features book-reading events, English quizzes, poetry and literature exchanges, and other activities that facilitate the English language.

About English Language Day

English is one of the two working languages of the UN Secretariat and one of the organizations six official languages. English is often pertained to as a world language, or the lingua franca (bridge language or common language used by speakers of different languages) of the modern period because it is widely spoken. The UN earlier celebrated English Language Day on April 23, 2010

The Conception of English

The story of the English language undertook in the fifth century when Germanic tribes captured Celtic-speaking Britain and gave rise to their languages with them. Later, Scandinavian Vikings occupied and came to terms with their languages too. In 1066 William, from modern-day France, became king, and Norman-French became the language of the courts and official activity. People could not understand each other at first, because the lower classes started again to use English while the upper classes spoke French, but slowly French began to influence English. An approximate 45 per cent of all English words have a French origin. By Shakespeare duration, Modern English had evolved, printing had been invented and people had to turn on to agree on correct spelling and vocabulary.


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