Microsoft to launch plasmabot for COVID-19 healed patients

Microsoft is launching a plasma-bot to analyze the circumstance of medicine for COVID-19. It is encouraging patients who were earlier infected and now have been totally cured to come forward and donate plasma. To reach an enormous number of people, Microsoft has decided to come up with a plasmabot, CNBC reported.

What is plasma-bot?

A plasma bot is a chatbot that will answer people queries related to the virus. The plasma bot is slated to go live this weekend. Plasma is an element of blood that has been used as a medicine for years. When a patient recovers from a disease, they produce antibodies to battle the presence of antigen that causes the disease, like a virus. Those proteins remain in the blood for a few days Microsoft, in a blogpost, has said that there are two practical strategies in which plasma can be obtained. The first one is to make transfusions directly available to those who are struggling with the virus. The other technique is to assemble antibodies to formulate medicine.

Reason to use plasma for coronavirus treatment

As of now, the US Food and Drug Administration has not ratified any medicine using plasma. Though, Microsoft Head of Research Peter Lee commented that the objective is to recruit as much plasma as soon as possible. There is no vaccine or treatment for coronavirus in today period and it could take around a year or more for doctors to develop one. Lee does not suggest convalescent plasma as a probable vaccine but acknowledges that plasma medicine gives birth to the potential to save lives


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